At a young age, I have always been artistic; dancing, drawing, and writing. I was also fond of reading, and the stories, along with the illustration, inspired me to read more and write. At first, I wrote fan fiction about different boy bands, but I lost interest. I thought it lacked originality and creativity, and I felt restricted, like a ruler when drawing in a sketchbook. From then, I developed new characters and created different stories for them, but I had no direction as to what I want to write about, I just wrote what my ideas were. As time passes, I finally found my muse. After researching places, observing people, and exploring myself as a human being, life became my medium. I wanted to share what I want from the world, and share that life is simple. As Confucius states, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Inspired by his quote, I develop my characters into accepting that life is simple, but the people surrounding the characters are difficult to deal with, and through experience and soul-searching, my characters are the icons to life.

–Kathryn Y. Oliver